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Day One: May 19, 2011 – 1 - 5 p.m.
Day Two: May 20, 2011 – 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort
74855 Country Club Drive * Palm Desert, CA 92260
Springs Salon G


It is expected that items 1 through 6 will be completed on Day One. However, items may be taken in any order and items may be heard on either day. Presentation materials will be distributed at the Retreat.

Day One  
Dr. William A. Burke
Health Impacts Update
Staff will provide a summary of the latest air quality-related health studies.
Jean Ospital
Health Effects Officer
2 Energy Policy
At its March Board meeting, the Board directed staff to develop an energy policy to integrate air quality, energy security, and climate change issues in a holistic manner. Staff will present the draft policy and seek Board input. The policy will be brought to the Board in July for consideration.
Elaine Chang
DEO/Planning, Rule Development
& Area Sources
3 2012 AQMP
Staff will provide an overview of the current air quality, 2012 AQMP requirements, and key policy issues.
Elaine Chang
DEO/Planning, Rule Development
& Area Sources
4 Update on Local, State and Federal Transportation Issues as they Relate to our Efforts to Achieve Clean Air
Currently there are numerous transportation-related efforts, initiatives, legislative proposals, and new laws at the local, state and federal levels which can potentially assist or impact AQMD’s efforts to reduce mobile source emissions.   With more than 80% of all emissions in the basin coming from on-road and off-road mobile sources, it is necessary to engage in these efforts to assist in emission reductions from transportation activities, including goods movement, and other related mobile sources.  Staff will provide a comprehensive but brief overview and status update on the current state of transportation issues at all levels, including recent initiatives approved by the Board.
Marc Carrel
Program Supervisor
Legislative & Public Affairs
5 Outreach Activities Related to Vision for Clean Energy, Clear Skies and a Growing Economy
Staff will describe its public outreach efforts regarding the importance of clean energy to attain air quality standards.
Peter Greenwald
Senior Policy Advisor
6 Update on Priority Projects Approved in February 2011
Staff will provide an update on progress related to the Board’s three priority projects for 2011 contained in the Goals & Objectives for the year.
Matt Miyasato
Assistant DEO
Science & Technology Advancement

Elaine Chang
DEO/Planning, Rule Development
& Area Sources
Day Two  
7 Ultrafine Particles and MATES IV Study Strategies
Background on ultrafine particles will be provided as well as updates on recent studies on ultrafine particle health effects, exposure, and ambient monitoring.  This will be followed by a discussion of potential strategies for a MATES IV air toxics study, including an emphasis on ultrafine particles and localized diesel particulate exposure.
Phil Fine
Atmospheric Measurements Manager
Science & Technology Advancement
8 Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Update and Assume Administrative Lead for CEC’s EV-Ready SoCal Infrastructure Project (PDF, 35 kb)
Southern California has an established network of public charging for electric vehicles.  Over time, the mix of electric vehicles and their charging needs have evolved.  State and federal funds are being invested in our region to support battery electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and charging infrastructure.  In January 2010, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) submitted a grant application under AB118 PON 09-006 for alternative and renewable fuel and vehicle technology on behalf of the Southern California Regional Collaborative.  In January 2011, this proposal received $840,750 in funding from CEC to install electric vehicle charging stations at key Southern California locations.  This action is to execute an MOU with CEC for AQMD to replace LADWP as the lead agency to administer the EV-Ready SoCal Infrastructure Project and to recognize upon receipt up to $840,750 from CEC towards this project.  (No Committee Review)
(Summary of Board Action Below)
Matt Miyasato
Assistant DEO
Science & Technology Advancement

Members of the public are afforded the opportunity to speak on any agenda item before or during the Board's consideration of the item.  At a special meeting, no other business may be considered.  Each speaker will be afforded three minutes to address the Board. (Govt. Code Section 54954.3)

The agenda and documents in the agenda packet will be made available, upon request, in appropriate alternative formats to assist persons with a disability (Govt. Code Section 54954.2(a). Disability-related accommodations will also be made available to allow participation in the meeting. Any accommodations must be requested as soon as practicable. Requests will be accommodated to the extent feasible. Please contact the Clerk of the Boards Office at 909-396-2500 from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, or send the request to


8.   Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Update and Assume Administrative Lead for CEC’s
      EV-  Ready SoCal Infrastructure Project

      Dr. Miyasato gave the presentation on this item, which he explained was due in part to the Board’s direction to increase outreach for EVs and clean fueled vehicles.  He presented a map showing the existing EV infrastructure throughout the basin, noting that many of the approximately 2,000 charge points at the 500 charge locations are now obsolete.  These charge points have the old type of connectors which will not work with the EVs that are on the market now and several more models scheduled for the 2012-2013 time frame.

Because there is going to be a whole host of vehicles available for commercial purchase or lease in Southern California, this region has been very active in trying to establish a collaborative to get federal and state funding into our region to support EV infrastructure.  The AQMD joined with a host of cities and others, in what they called the Southern California Electric Vehicle (SoCalEV) Regional Collaborative; and earlier this year, the CEC awarded the SoCalEV collaborative funding for a proposal.  The LADWP was going to be the lead agency on this project, but has asked the AQMD to administer the program because they do not have the resources at this time.  Therefore, staff would like to accept that opportunity and obligation to serve as a lead agency for SoCal EV, receive funding of about $840,000 from the CEC, and then implement these charge points throughout the region.

Dr. Wallerstein added that staff is working with the statewide collaborative on federal funding; so, this is just a first increment of funding, and staff hopes there will be much more to come.

In response to Councilwoman Perry’s inquiry as to providing economic development opportunity for small and startup companies for installation of the infrastructure, Dr. Wallerstein indicated that staff would discuss with the collaborative members a sort of general provision to recommend be included in their RFP.

ntonovich, Burke, Carney, Loveridge, and Nelson), AGENDA ITEM 8 APPROVED AS

                      1) Recognizing upon receipt up to $840,750 from
                          CEC to administer the SoCalEV Infrastructure
                          Project into the Clean Fuels Fund (31).

                      2) Authorizing the Chairman to:  a) Execute an
                          agreement with CEC for AQMD to administer the
                          SoCalEV Infrastructure Project;  and b) Execute
                          contracts with the members of the SoCalEV
                          Regional Collaborative for a total amount not to
                          exceed $798,750.



                                                            Saundra McDaniel, Clerk of the Boards



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