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Reporting Air Quality Problems

Reporting Air Quality Problems

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  • You Can Help Us Clean the Air That We Breathe
  • We Need Your Help to Protect Your Health
  • Reporting Air Quality Problems is as Easy as Picking Up A Phone

How to Report Air Quality Problems

How to Report Air Quality Problems

Contact AQMD if you smell excessive odors, have unusual materials falling on your property or see smoking vehicles or factories:

  1. Call 1-800-CUT SMOGŪ (1-800-288-7664)
  2. On-line Complaint System
  3. Indicate the type of air quality problem, time of day & location
  4. Provide your contact information in case there is a need to follow-up
Reporting Air Quality Problems Brochure   Brochure

AQMD Reporting Air Quality Problems Brochure
(PDF, 432 KB)

Other Information on Reporting Complaints   Other Information on Reporting Complaints

Information on how to report a complaint about smoke, dust, odor or other contaminant

Information on how to report a smoking vehicle
Frequently Asked Questions   Frequently Asked Questions

What is an air quality complaint?
An air quality complaint is any injury, detriment, nuisance, or annoyance occurring as a result of air contaminants or other materials, including (but not limited to) smoke, dust, or odors.

Why you should report air quality problems?
Many businesses operating in the South Coast Air Basin that are sources of air pollution must comply with AQMD Rules and Regulations, Permits and conditions of operation.  These requirements are designed to protect air quality and public health.  Despite a business's best efforts to comply with these requirements, equipment breakdowns and process upsets do occur.  During these conditions, excess emissions may occur that can affect neighboring communities, schools and other businesses.

Do I have to identify myself when I call AQMD to report an air quality complaint?
Although it's never required for complaints against vehicles, AQMD always encourages people who call to report complaints about businesses, factories and other stationary sources to provide their name, address, and telephone number. This information helps AQMD inspectors verify complaint information, including any prior history of air quality problems involving the alleged source, and also allows them to inform complainants of the status of complaint investigation activities. Because AQMD policy strictly prohibits the release of any information that would identify a complainant to an alleged source or to any other non-AQMD personnel without your consent, all information about you and your complaint will be kept confidential by AQMD staff.

Interagency complaint referral
AQMD is authorized by law to respond only to air quality complaints within its specific jurisdiction. Complaints which allege problems that fall beyond the jurisdiction of the AQMD are best resolved by contacting the appropriate agencies.

This page updated: June 28, 2012