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Clean Air Connections - Community Partners

Community Partners

The Clean Air Connections Community Partners Program is dedicated to involving groups, organizations and agencies in our region who are interested in inspiring public participation and understanding of air quality issues, including the public health impacts of air pollution.  AQMD seeks to partner with organizations in a variety of communities, including: faith, health, labor, environmental justice, and civic organizations.

There are various opportunities to collaborate as a community partner with the AQMD, including:

  • Participating in AQMD sponsored community events.
  • Invitations to attend air quality briefings.
  • Providing AQMD information at your offices and events.

Community Partners Program Brochure (PDF, 495 KB)

Communities of Faith
  Communities of Faith

The Communities of Faith Partnership represents a wide cross-section of faith communities throughout the AQMD region.  We agree with the importance of environmental stewardship and are committed to engaging the faith-based organizations to be an active part of the decision making process and join the effort to restore clean, healthful air within our region. 

Health Organizations   Health Organizations

AQMD is inviting health organizations and professionals to partner with us in the “Health Partnership for Cleaner Air” in order to work together to educate the public on the health impacts of air pollution and the various tools available to reduce harmful air pollution. 

Environmental Justice   Environmental Justice

Representatives from Environmental Justice organizations serve on key AQMD advisory committees.  The District works with Environmental Justice organizations to raise awareness on the health impacts of air pollution to environmental justice communities by conducting healthy air conferences and events.

Labor Organizations   Labor Organizations

The District is committed to undertaking all necessary steps to protect public health from air pollution, with sensitivity to the impacts of its actions on the community and businesses. Sensitivity to businesses helps protect job creation. The AQMD has created partnerships with Labor in areas involving green jobs training programs and in support of legislation that helps protect job creation.   

Civic Organizations   Civic Organizations

The AQMD partners with many civic organizations throughout the south Coast basin to co-sponsor events that raise awareness about the public health effects of air pollution. 


I would like my organization to be a part of the Community Partners Program.
Download Program Sign-Up Form (PDF, 96 KB)

For more information and to become a community partner with the AQMD, please call (909) 396-2432 or fax your completed form to (909) 396-3053.


This page updated: March 23, 2011